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  • Adam Patterson

    Adam Patterson

    UX Designer/Developer at Mailout Interactive, Certified pro bike mechanic, Creator of @tentacleCMS, Husband to @frostedbetty, father of two.

  • LT


  • khalil mouallem

    khalil mouallem

    Small town restaurant owner/group fitness trainer. love to cook and love to exercise

  • marsha


    I live and love in #yeg

  • Steven Young

    Steven Young

    Husband to my amazing wife, father of two beautiful, talented daughters and a doer of deeds.

  • Mikey Hamm

    Mikey Hamm

    Psionic crocodiles, 80s-style horror, and teens with rayguns. Written and illustrated by me. www.mikeyhamm.com

  • Renée Lalonde

    Renée Lalonde

    PR gal, puppy mom, talktivist. Tweets about social issues, CDN media, PR, lifestyle, and food.

  • Marissa Loewen

    Marissa Loewen

    Transformational Business Coach, Community Enthusiast, Idea Catalyst & lover of BIG bold questions, the answers and the spaces in between. createtherules.com

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